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Many Indigenous people, commonly known today as Native Americans, were relocated to Indian Reservations or killed during wars fought over the land.The second form of racial oppression, slavery, refers to Africans being the property of white Americans.

Oppression also refers to a more insidious type of manipulation and control, in this instance involving the subjugation and marginalization of specific groups of people within a country or society, such as: girls and women, people of color, religious minorities, citizens in poverty, LGBT people, and many more.and the cross-pollination of ideas and discussion among diverse disciplines, such as: feminism, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and political science.Nonetheless, more fully understanding the problem remains an extremely complicated challenge for scholars.This can lead to internalized oppression, where subordinate groups essentially give up the fight to get access to equality, and accept their fate as a non-dominant group.The first social hierarchy is race or racial oppression, which is defined as: " ...

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