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I grew up in ecuador, in Quito the capital, it is surrounded by mountains and maybe that is the reason why i prefer that landscape to live. Me encataria tener una relación estable tranquila sin mayor complicaciones soy muy divertida me encanta bailar m gustaría ser una buena amiga, esposa y madre soy divorciada tengo dos hijos hermosos, soy muy leal, amable Soy una Persona tranquila, me gustan mi horario las cosas hogareñas, busco una mujer para quien sea primero el respeto hacia su pareja.

i am a dentist and i work 8 hours administrative job and do some extra clinical I like to swing and work in my garden, Í can't to travel more but ir is expensive I I have nadie short, my clothing it is casual, my Sise 34. Soy bajo de estatura, un poco calvo, de contextura delgado, piel entre blanco y I work with childrens that do not have mony for pay a teacher.

I’m talking about fruits and vegetables the size of your head.

As a warning, however, there is some credible evidence of substantial pesticide usage in many parts of the country, as well water pollution from oil spills over the last several decades in the Amazon basin.

April 20, 2010 Cuenca, Ecuador Ecuador is not one of those places on everyone’s radar.

In fact, when I recently announced that I would be returning to Ecuador, I received a handful of subscriber emails like this one: “Why are you wasting your time in that communist money pit?

Fourth, English language penetration is satisfactory in the larger cities like Quito and Guayaquil (pronounced ‘why-uh-KEEL’), but once you get into the smaller towns, you’d best be able to speak some basic Spanish.

The common analogy is that it’s like the United States in the 1950s (which is a similar analogy used in Uruguay and Paraguay).

[SB: strange choice of words…]” Clearly, Ecuador suffers from a similar reputational stigma as Colombia, and this keeps that majority of gringos away.

The country’s president Rafael Correa is aligned with Venezuela’s widely disparaged Hugo Chavez, both of whom focus their policies on a pro-social agenda.

In fact, there is a billion lawsuit pending in an Ecuadoran court at the moment against Chevron for substantial environmental damage without proper attention to clean-up.

Sixth, despite the negative attention that the oil sector receives, the country is quite open and friendly to foreigners, and the government makes it easy for them to come to Ecuador with a variety of retirement and investment schemes.

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