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Skip dinner out and have them come over for your signature dish and drink.

Just make sure it’s not "grilled cheese sandwich" and "bottle of cheap wine." Then again, if you make a mean grilled cheese, go for it. Oregon is the prettiest state in the country (sorry, Oklahoma), and the gorge is just an hour outside of Portland. It might not have the beaches of California, but it has beautiful beaches nevertheless, and some scenic coastal towns and beach houses.

Portland still boasts a fair amount of awesome dive bars.

If you’re just in it for a hookup, grab a shot of well whiskey and chase it with a crappy canned beer.

These places are nicer than any dive, but that’s just a smoke screen, as your goal here is the same: get buzzed and get home. Or start the evening at a bar like Clyde Common, Departure, Red Star, Jackknife Bar, or any other bar that is attached to a chic hotel.

It might be expensive, but it’ll be a night to remember.

Aalto Lounge has the best happy hour in the city, featuring cocktails. In the good old days, you would simply date the person in your village with the most teeth, or you were shipped off to a nearby kingdom to marry a duke and assure a lucrative barley trade.Nowadays, you might want a variety of things, from a one-night stand to a lifelong partner.Whatever you choose, they’ll see you in a new, impressive light. It might just lead to an awkward, one-time hookup that destroys your friendship, but you’ve got to take that risk.In other cities, going to a porn film festival would be weird, but in places like Seattle and Portland, going to Hump! You can take your friend to a rooftop bar like Departure, or just find an excuse to end up at a rooftop together towards the end of the night.

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If you really need to get wasted to go on a first date, chances are it’s not going to work out great.

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