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Which is cool; sex is a fantastic and normal part of our lives and relationships.

But I feel like if the amount of time we see people naked in bed on the show compared to the amount of time we see them doing other things was actually a representative ratio, these people would win awards for most sex ever and they definitely wouldn’t have time for things like jobs or hobbies (maybe that’s why they never play Dominion).

The conversation soon turns to the challenges and benefits of their unusual lifestyle and how to navigate the complicated dynamics.

Kamala Devi and Michael have been married for 10 years and decide to invite two of their lovers, married couple Jen and Tahl, to move in with them and their son. In this episode, the couple introduces Roxanne, Kamala's extracurricular girlfriend, who Michael is not allowed to share.

No one in the entire series played Dominion or Settlers of Catan even once, so I can’t say it’s a completely accurate portrayal of the life of the typical poly family. I know that poly communities do struggle with this in reality, but the lack of people of color is not nearly as absolute in real life poly world as it is on the show.

After that, the stars of the show made the media rounds, appearing on Dr.

Polyamory = “many loves,” not “many loves who necessarily must be permitted to hook up with each other.” Enact whatever rules work for your family, but don’t play the “my way of doing poly is the best” game. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I think the fact that the sex in the show is almost exclusively threesomes and foursomes and moresomes–and those who are seen having one-on-one sex are cast members who also frequently are shown participating in group sex–seems to fuel the misconception that this is what all poly folks are doing. But I would say that it’s equally common, if not more common, to be in relationships of the V (or N or W or some kind of zig-zagging line) variety, in which people have multiple partners but the sex still happens only between two individuals at a time.

I know Showtime is trying to sensationalize the group sex here, but it would have been nice for the sake of balance if the show had included a poly relationship that didn’t include threesomes or foursomes, since that’s the reality for a lot of us. There’s a lot of attention given to sex in general.

Elsewhere, Lindsey considers doing the same with hers while also telling them that she and Anthony are engaged to Vanessa. But Chris's attempt to mend things only drives them further apart.

The show follows two groups of people who live in California.

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