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Ja'far Sheikh Idris, a Sudanese professor of theology, wrote in 1999 that new technologies allow Muslims to spread da'wa more easily and are, indeed, proof that Islam is the true religion (for only God could have known fourteen centuries ago that the day would come when the world would turn into one global village, needing only one global prophet—Muhammad).However, these new technologies also allow non-Muslims to do the same with their ideas; indeed, at this point in time, the West enjoys better capabilities in making use of these technologies and might weaken Muslims' beliefs through them.Islamic scholars found that to ban or ignore mass Muslim migration would only alienate immigrants.Instead, they focused on strengthening the immigrants' Muslim identity while using them in the service of Islam.Many convert narratives depict Islam as a remedy to the growing secularization of Western life that Christianity fails to fill.Former pop star Cat Stevens gave up a highly successful career in music and converted to Islam.

Using the Internet for Islamic purposes was not only permitted by scholars, even strict Wahhabi ones, but even encouraged.

And the same Muslims who accept conversions to their faith may not accept conversion away from it. Department of Homeland Security now requests pre-screening even for travelers from countries not requiring visas prior to travel to the United States.[6] Many Sunni scholars urge their co-religionists in the West to spread the word of God actively.

When even a very small percentage of converts to Islam turn fanatic, there is a very real security risk, not only in the state of residence but also in every country with which that state enjoys reciprocal visa-free travel. The call to convert, which increased along with the number of permanent Muslim immigrants to Europe, is part of a larger framework of identity and duties constructed by Sunni religious scholars in the Arab world since the 1970s.

Such guidelines are at times detailed and have the ring of marketing expertise.

A key method Internet sites use to promote conversions is through the testimonies of former Christians who have converted to Islam.

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Printing machines entered the Ottoman Empire three centuries after they were first introduced in Europe.

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