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Article (n): a woman, usually half in jest Artist, government (n): person 'drawing' the dole [social security] Ask me arse/bollocks; go and shite; eff off and don't be annoying me (phr): general ways of telling someone to shut up As rough as a bear's arse As scarce as hen's teeth As sharp as a beach ball As sick as a small hospital As small as a mouse's diddy As thick as two short planks As useful as a lighthouse on a bog As useful as a cigarette lighter on a motorbike.

As useless as a chocolate teapot As useless as tits on a bull As weak as a salmon in a sandpit - (hungry) At it (v): making love Aubergine (n): brinjal, egg plant Aul Man or Fella (n): father Aul Wan (n): mother Aussie kiss (n): cunnilingus /similar to a French Kiss, but given down under Away with ye / away on / Aye right (phr): I don't really believe you.

I made a hash of it Haven't got a baldy (phr): no chance Haven't got a snowball's chance in hell (phr): no chance; longer version of above Having the painters in (ph): having your period Head (n): friend or pal e.g. Header (n): nutcase, unstable person Head the ball (n): foolish person/ or generic name for any person Heavin' (v): thronged/packed i.e the place was heavin' last Saturday Heel (n): the first or last slice of a loaf of bread Heifer (n): an ugly country woman (the consensus being that she looks like a cow) Hick or Hickey/Hickster (a/n): unfashionable High babies (a): senior infants' school Hit and miss (n): piss Hobnails (n): the knuckles of the fist - I touched his jaw with my hobnails and dropped him to the ground Hockeyed them out of it (phr): really beat them in a game of football or whatever sport you are playing.

Cub (n): young boy Culchie (n): a city dweller's name for a country person Cute hoors (n): usually politicians - it implies deviousness and crookedness.

(in this case, I suppose it could apply to a female as well, but almost always the term 'hoor' is masculine.) In Ireland, at least, 'cute' means 'clever' Cuttie (n): young girl Cutty Knife (n): knife for cutting the bread Da (n): father Dander (n): a leisurely stroll Danny boy (n): twenty pounds in money Deadly (a): very cool Deadner, give a (n): to knee someone in the side of their thigh Dear (adj): expensive Dekko (v): look at, inspect Delph (n): crockery, cups, saucers etc Dense (n): stupid - as dense as bottled shite Desperate (adj): terrible Diabolical (a): really terrible Dickey Dazzler (n): an over dressed man Diddies (n): breasts Dig (n): punch or slap Divil (n): devil DNS (n): the Northside (of Dublin) generally or one of its residents Do a Bunk/Flit (v): sneak off, usually to avoid paying a bill, the rent, etc.

" meaning will you go out with me or in some parts will you snog me Gob (n): mouth, as in: "shut your gob" or (v): to spit Gobber (n): A spit (of the green kind) Gobshite (n): idiot Gobsmacked (a): very surprised Go-car (n): baby's pushchair Gollier (n): a big, fat spit of phlegmy stuff Gom, Gombeen (n): idiot Good Gear (n): good, clothes or stuff Gooter (n): penis Goozer (n): kiss Gouger, (Gow for short) - (As used by Dublin Gardaí) (n): a dangerous knacker/thief Go way outta that!

(phr): Dismissive response, indicating general disdain and disbelief Gowl (n): stupid person/idiot; vagina Grand (a): fine, nice Growler (n): female genitalia (hairy growler) Gushie/rushie (n): to throw up a sweet/candy or coin and have a crowd of kids run to catch it.

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Cork) Gansey (n): sweater, jersey, pullover or loads (of something) Gargle (n & v): alcohol - to go out drinking Gary Glitter (n): your shitter or arse Gas (a): funny Gasún (gossoon) (n): child Gasur (n): young boy Gatch (n): an unusual way of walking e.g.

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