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However, it didn’t do me any favours in terms of getting along with people, so I started to merge into whatever all the other girls looked like, and just blended in.Nowadays I know what style I like and don’t copy or follow anyone.It helped me blend in and it felt like ‘war paint’ to me.I still put a lot of effort into my hair and makeup if I’m going out because I feel like I blend in that way.I don’t know how unconventional I am – probably quite, to be fair!I am usually quite disorganised until things, as I say, fall apart and then to sort it I get organized, but like, hyper-ly so.

‘Usually a little more expressive in face and gesture than male counterparts’ I have no idea – probably.

‘Uses control as a stress management technique: rules, discipline, rigid in certain habits, which will contradict her seeming unconventionality’ Sometimes when everything seems to be falling apart, I will fall back onto organising things into a set ‘timetable’ with the view that if I stick to it I should be able to sort everything out.

In terms of it ‘contradicting’ my unconventionality, I don’t know.

I think that a lot of my interests are more boyish than other girls but I wouldn’t go to the extreme of thinking of myself as half male, at all.

‘May not have a strong sense of identity, and can be very chameleon –like, especially before diagnosis’ Before my diagnosis I was a bit of a tom-boy, i.e.

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