Shailene woodley dating daren kagasoff interview

Hopefully they get through that and are mature enough to really take that next step of marriage. Did that inspire you to get involved with the anti-bullying campaign or what did inspire you to get involved with the anti-bullying campaign?

Will things really be over between Adrian and Ricky? When the show first started, we were together, hooking up. And ever since he got Amy pregnant at band camp, I think his whole attitude has changed as far as what his values are, what he wants out of life. Daren Kagasoff: It kind of happened when I wasn't shooting too much of Secret Life.

So, I miss that and also probably Greg Finley who plays Jack on the show. How about any plot lines maybe you wish the show would explore or that you'd be curious to see play out on Secret Life.

We don't get to work together too much because our storylines don't really crisscross I guess. Daren Kagasoff: To be honest, I think the writers do a phenomenal job with the storylines.

Daren Kagasoff: It's hard to say because at the end of the day we are still young kids. So, I think for every family, every situation is different. I think everybody wants to see Ricky and Amy together raise John and just be their happy little family, but there are a lot of struggles with Ricky going off to college and Amy still in high school that they need to deal with.When the show first started, I think Ricky was just kind of irresponsible, just didn't really care about anybody else but himself and to his credit, he did have a tough childhood.So, I think just the whole turnaround of his character has been just so much fun to play as an actor and I look forward every time they get a new script to see what they have me doing.I love working with her so much and we do have some scenes together.We haven't been working as much together on this next season that we're working on. I like doing more meaty stuff and it seems like our storylines always have that type of meat that we're both looking for. So, we always have a lot of fun when we actually do have scenes together.

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