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Qatar’s foreign ministry on Thursday said it was closing Chad’s embassy in Doha and ordered all staff to leave the emirate within three days.The retaliatory move came just 24 hours after the central African state announced it was closing Qatar’s embassy in N’Djamena, accusing Doha of seeking to destabilise the country.Qatar has previously accused the Saudi-led bloc of putting pressure on African states to take sides in the row.As violent conflict escalates and political, economic, social and security spillovers destabilise many countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the profile of victims vulnerable to modern slavery has shifted.some of whom may have been married without free and informed consent.Refugee children from Syria and Iraq have been forcibly married by desperate parents trying to ensure their economic security and protect them from the threat of sexual violence.provide an extreme interpretation of Shari'a describing the legality and illegalities of dealing with slaves—"it is permissible to buy, sell, or give as a gift female captives and slaves, for they are merely property, which can be disposed of..." This alarming resurgence of slavery is evident in Raqqa, the self-proclaimed IS capital, and surrounding IS-occupied territory where women can be bought and sold at the market.There are reports of IS offering to sell women back to their families for as much as US,000.

Monitoring by international organisations has meant the government has begun to take steps to improve the situation, however, reports from the 2015 harvest estimate that over one million people were forced to work.These temporary religious marriages bind the girl to her husband for an agreed time frame—often days or weeks at a time, sometimes only hours—but do not afford the child or woman any legal rights.This leaves them vulnerable to domestic servitude and prostitution and, in many cases, denies citizenship to any subsequent offspring.Migrant workers are subject to practices that may amount to forced labour including extortionate recruitment fees, illegal confiscation of identity documents, withholding and non-payment of salaries, hazardous working conditions, unhygienic living conditions, unlawful overtime performed under the threat of deportation, and physical and sexual abuse.In 2015, in an IOM and Walk Free study of 162 exploited migrant workers from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, 100 percent of workers had their identity documents withheld, 87 percent were confined to their workplace and 76 percent had their wages withheld.

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Chad said it was expelling Qatar’s mission to “safeguard peace and stability in the region”, accusing the Middle Eastern state of “attempts at the destabilisation of Chad from Libya”.

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