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According to the complaint document, the student allegedly told police that she and Saucedo were kissing and sexually touching each other and that they had sex in the past.The student was interviewed by detectives with the Crimes Against Children Unit.

Or the report could be addressed immediately, which could include an officer or Department of Human Services representative coming to the school.She said some employees remained unclear on what's required, so the district recently created another presentation on when an employee must file a report.The district provided staff a handful of examples of when an employee needs to report, such as:—A 15-year-old student comes to your office and tells you that she is having sex with her boyfriend and would like to talk with someone about birth control options.—Your own 17-year-old son tells you that his 16-year-old girlfriend is pregnant.—A 14-year-old boy confides in you that he was kicked out of the house after his parents discovered he was in a same-sex relationship.Prosecutors claim he made “indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of children” by downloading them at his home in Glenburn, Paisley, between June 8, 2008 and February 23 this year. An alleged sexual relationship between a Pebble Hills High School teacher and a student was discovered when police surprised the pair in the back seat of parked car, documents state.

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The name and age of the student were not disclosed. 13, officers were patrolling and checking businesses when they spotted two cars parked next to each other behind a shopping strip at 1510 N.

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