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The first complex to have the nickname was an Egyptian Revival design by John Haviland completed in 1838.

The association of ancient Egyptian architecture with mausoleums may have given rise to the rumor that the building was inspired by a picture of an Egyptian tomb that appeared in John Lloyd Stephens' Incidents of Travel in Egypt, although this appears to be untrue.

By the early 20th century, reforms began to be made as the first prison school for younger inmates in an American adult correction facility was established by the Public Schools Association in 1900.

In 19 building was replaced by a new, million-dollar City Prison featuring an eight-story Châteauesque facade with conical towers along Centre Street, bounded by Centre, White Street, Elm (today's Lafayette), and Leonard Streets.

Industrialization and population density by the late 18th century resulted in the severe pollution of the Collect. The landfill job was poorly done, and in a span of less than ten years, the ground began to subside.

The original Tombs, officially known as the Halls of Justice, was built in 1838 in the Egyptian Revival style.S., but opinion varied greatly concerning its actual merit."What is this dismal fronted pile of bastard Egyptian, like an enchanter's palace in a melodrama?The combined capacity of the two buildings is about 900 people.corrections commissioner from 1998–2000 before becoming police commissioner.

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