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” Treating both questions with the same intent, a bot would respond to the two questions with London’s weather conditions.Keeping context is the bot’s ability to remember and combine intents across several sentences in a conversation.Chatbots and AI have been around for a while (look at what China’s leading messaging app We Chat has accomplished) but the fact that Facebook chose to launch this feature recently could mean that this technology is finally mature enough for mainstream adoption, at least in the Western world.With things changing so fast in the tech scene and designers struggling to stay informed on the latest trends, I was delighted to see a hackathon for chatbots on Eventbrite.Google has released their own chatbot smart assistant – Google Home.

17 million people use Amazon Echo on a weekly basis (which is ultimately powered by chatbots).

Let’s say the bot in the last example responded with “It’s sunny with a couple of light showers during the day.” If then you ask, “How many degrees?

” the bot would assume the context of weather and output today’s temperature.

For example, someone asking, “Is it raining in London?

” could have the same intent as “What is the weather like in London?

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