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A review on the i Tunes page sums it up: “This app is quick easy and fun, but too many pedophiles asking me for nude pictures which almost forced me to delete this app.But it is safe as long as you don’t talk to strangers.” ———————————————————————— 5-20-2013: I’ve had to close comments on this article.Cut down the development time with drag-and-drop website builder.Drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

If you see the Kik messenger icon, open the app and take a look at the messages.You’ll see some users with “Kik me” and then their Kik username in their profile. If they include their Kik username in their profile (and many do), anyone who sees their Kik username on Instagram could “hit them up” on Kik.So keep this in mind if you allow your teen to use Instagram.You can also report spam, which will prevent that user from sending you messages.I’m guessing this is a prevalent problem as it is also addressed in Kik’s help pages: Some Kik users use Instagram (or other social media accounts) to publicize their Kik username in their profiles or by tagging their photos.

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