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So talk to her and explain that you’re mortified and that you know it wasn’t okay. For whatever amount of time you have to continue working there, it’s crucial to keep in the forefront of your mind that you are not somewhere that supports normal behavior.

You should expect that when you deal with the office manager, he will be rude, unreasonable, and hostile.

In any case, I bit him, over his sleeve, pulled back, and we just sort of stared at each other for a second, because … He finally got his feet under him, figuratively, and retaliated by stomping on my feet (I was in ballet flats and he had heeled dress shoes) and shoving me.

As I’m regaining my balance and trying to save my feet, I dropped my mug, which shattered.

It’s all kinds of messed up that she didn’t say anything at the time or afterwards, but that’s probably a further illustration of how out of whack the norms in your office are.

Regardless, though, she did see it, and you don’t want her to think that you think it was okay.

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With such a big company customers are bound to find tons of contact phone numbers.It might help to think of yourself as being in a foreign country with completely different norms than the ones that feel obvious to you.Hell, pretend you’re on another planet where the inhabitants have their own, seemingly bizarre rules for interacting.Not helping him pick up the shards angered him more. What is the right way to deal with difficult coworkers in these situations? It’s destroying your sense of norms, it’s making you act in ways that (I assume) you would never normally act, and it’s turning you into someone who you don’t want to be.(Again, I’m assuming, but it feels like a safe bet that you don’t want to be someone who bites coworkers as a means of conflict resolution.) It’s also going to start messing with your professional reputation, if it hasn’t already.

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