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Because so many people believe these misconceptions, rapists get away with their crimes and seek out other victims.

It's the exact opposite of a misunderstanding — it's a series of calculated decisions.2. The typical image of a stranger rapist jumping out of the bushes is far from universal.

And women's rights advocates more or less agree that affirmative consent is the standard. Rapists don't rape because they're uncontrollably horny.

Acquaintance rapists — the kind who are likely to be targeting fellow students on campus — have a very specific MO.

Those predatory men intentionally target women they perceive as vulnerable, and they often ply them with alcohol, sometimes until their victims pass out, and then they sexually assault them.

In fact, research shows that 90 percent of campus rapists are repeat offenders, averaging nearly six victims apiece, and they often go undetected.

Men and women both understand social cues, including nonverbal indications that someone doesn't want to have sex.

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