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Russell wore Plummer’s costume, which was “too big and baggy for her,” says a source, and Sedgwick practically tripped over the furniture.

Most of the paying customers left when they learned the stars were out.

Her co-star, Brad Dourif, came onstage and told the sold-out house the show was off.

The pair didn’t show up for that evening’s performance either, so their woefully under-rehearsed standbys, Rob Sedgwick and Elize Russell, performed with scripts in hand.

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Coming from my own personal journey with this term, for me, it simply boiled down to three things: There I said it.

So maybe instead of a single rose, he purchased a dozen.

Plummer hates noise backstage and “flipped out” one night because she could hear the bass player from “i Luminate,” says a source.(The box office managed to find her a seat.) As for Dad, he attended a later performance — but left at intermission.“I just have to go,” he muttered to a theater staffer.Share this article with a friend, sister, co-worker.I think we should spread this conversation as far and wide as it can go.

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