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She was still desperately looking for something to wear when Katy and Lisa appeared - OK girls- said Sara you already had your revenge, now please give me my pants But Katy replied No Sara this is going to last for weeks and it would be a funny semester indeed. Lisa looked angry and said: - I told you Katy, look at her: She is again telling us we are some kind of bimbos that need her help to pass our test. Sara trembled; she had managed to make things worse. The next day at English class the teacher talked about some authors and in the last minutes she returned to the quiz of the last day and said: The quiz that you made last class is called a motivation chart.- I already apologized; I really do not see the point of being enemies. This is an instrument that can make you work to get your goals in a more deliberated and organized way.Sara wrote: College graduate, wealthy, independent and secure woman acknowledged by her intelligence and preparation, with a personal presentation that inspires respect and admiration and with a well remunerated job in which she could put all her skills and knowledge in use.Anti me: Sara smiled and thought to just put a simple word: Bimbo.Katy and Lisa two popular cheerleaders had answered the test mainly with jokes and were chatting between them saying their ideal was to be married with a very wealthy and handsome man.Sara smiled inwardly and thought Sure if they did not find a guy with enough money they would end poor, so better keep working with the poms poms and the cheers and hope to catch a man before is to late Suddenly there were laughs followed by an awkward silence and everybody turned to see Sara. Sara walked to the bench and bended as instructed and said: - Ok I am ready. and then turning to Sara she continued Sara you need to apologize for humiliating us and then beg us for your punishment.Paint your actual level and mark with a line where you want to be at the end of the semester.Sara Thompson did not require too much time to answer the questions.

After all she was already an intelligent and successful student and was recognized as such by the school community, she also had the right attitudes and goals.

Then she thought about her anti me and concluded that she was far away from it.

So after a brief time Sara painted around 80% of the bar. Please make a copy of your answers and give it to me.

Sara always dressed casual and conservative, normally jeans and louse blouses or shirts and never wore make up.

She was very intelligent and surely was among the 5 best students her high school class. She read the first question Ideal me: For a moment Sara thought about her English teacher Ms Joana Donovan, a successful college graduate that was now teaching because her schedule as a MBA student did not allowed her other jobs.

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